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1. A fully qualified pipeline of leads and prospects for 2017.

2. A repeatable sales process.

3. An end to meetings with unqualified prospects.

4. A system for hiring the right salespeople who want to sell.

5. Increase efficiency and time for my salespeople and myself.

6. Exceed my goals! 


Dear Santa,

I have only included a few things on my list this year, as our 2016 will close about where we expected. We have been naughty and nice --we fell short in some areas but exceeded in others. We do need to make some changes, however, so that 2017 will be successful.

I have a very talented sales team and I can provide them with a database full of prospect names to call on. The problem is, they don’t have the time to disqualify the leads. Could you find me a professional service-oriented company that could act as an extension of our own business to help us uncover our ideal sales opportunities that can be fed to us on a recurring basis? The time this would save my salesforce would be the best gift we could provide them.

We have experienced many successes and have been able to meet our goals despite the stress and struggles that come along with growing and motivating a salesforce. Can you provide us with a repeatable, transferable system for sales? One that sustains and builds on our strategy, eliminating wasted time in front of the wrong prospects and allowing us to stop discounting to make our quarterly numbers.

We certainly can’t get more hours in the day, but perhaps you could help us with the hours we do have in our day. Provide us with a clear and concise plan that will help motivate the sales force, one that utilizes the gift of technology to increase relevancy. This will greatly improve efficiency and sales, saving a lot of time, stress, and struggles.

I know I am asking a lot, but one more thing to help me stay off the “naughty” list with my CEO and that is if I could get some sales management coaching and training. As you know, I got the promotion because I was so successful in the field but there are more aspects about managing than just the sales component. I want to know how to hire the right people, and effectively motivate and inspire my team.

Is it possible to find the solutions I’m looking for in the Arlington, DFW, and Tarrant County area?

Santa, I know that you are busy and that there are many companies wanting the same things. If you can give me these wishes, I promise to be NICE and share these solutions with all the sales managers in my network.

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