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Growth Mindset Sales, LLC | Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex

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Growth Mindset Sales

Sandler is a world leader in sales, management and leadership training.  We offer consulting, coaching and training for individuals and organizations serious about achieving personal and operational excellence.


Solve the toughest sales challenges

Stop playing the games buyers play. While other sales training shows you how to play the game better, Sandler teaches you how to break the rules, change the game, and avoid common sales problems altogether.

The Sandler approach to sales is unique because it prioritizes building mutual trust between salespeople and prospects. Using the Sandler process, your sales team will learn to act as a trusted advisor for the prospect by asking questions to assess majority of obstacles right away in the qualification stage. 

While the Sandler Sales process might look similar to a traditional selling system at first glance, the emphasis is on the qualification stage rather than the closing stage. Thousands of sales reps worldwide can attest that focusing on the Sandler Program helps them focus on opportunities that have real closing potential and helps them move through the sales process more quickly with a higher closing percentage.

Our Clients Usually Struggle With

Searching - SMALL

Finding and Closing Enough Profitable Deals

Most salespeople struggle to meet enough prospects, close enough of the people they meet, or close enough deals on their terms.


Time & Money - SMALL

Wasting Time Chasing Prospects Who Never Buy

Trying to sell prospects who don’t need your solution, don’t have the money, or can’t decide will lead to burnout and frustration.


Free Consulting - SMALL

Using Price Discounts to Close Business

Prospects love to use your expertise, wait for end of the quarter deals, or get a free quote to shop the competition, but that doesn’t help you hit your numbers.


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